The Law Office of Lisa D. Sinrod practices exclusively in the area of family and juvenile law. Ms. Sinrod has served clients in Northern Virginia for over 25 years. Her practice covers all aspects of family law including child custody, support matters, property division, prenuptial agreements, and marital dissolution/divorce.

The majority of Ms. Sinrod’s work involves representing individuals in family law matters, with an eye toward productive negotiations and settlement where possible. Additionally, as a trained family law mediator, Ms. Sinrod has worked with parties in the mediation process throughout her years of practice and has a high rate of full resolution in her mediated cases. Ms. Sinrod also serves as a state-qualified guardian ad litem, representing the best interests of minor children in our Virginia court system.

Ms. Sinrod has served as a Commissioner in Chancery for the Alexandria Circuit Court since 1990, rendering recommended decisions to the court in fault-ground divorce cases.

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